Nicole Cardoza


Wellness, equity, yoga and social change.

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Nicole Cardoza has inspired employees, entrepreneurs and students alike with her passionate, effortless storytelling. She’s shared her work at leading companies including REI, lululemon, CorePower Yoga, and Harvard. Conferences, including Wisdom 2.0, ASU/GSV, the National School-Based Health Alliance Conference, and more have sought her insight. From a TED talk to fireside chat on a college campus, Nicole’s ability to elevate and inspire sparks the inner changemaker in each of us.




Making wellness elementary.

The wellness industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in business, and quickly leaving communities behind. Nicole’s intimate relationship with wellness – from her rural upbringings, personal and family health struggles, and connection to schools through her work at Yoga Foster gives her a clear and compassionate take on what’s necessary to make wellness truly accessible for all.

  • Community engagement

  • Inequities in wellness

  • Shared responsibility

  • From idea to execution

  • Systemic oppression in wellness

Leading as a woman of color.

Nicole started her first organization when she was still in college, and has since launched several initiatives across business sectors, earning the Forbes 30 Under 30 title among other accolades. As a woman of color, she’s acutely aware of the hurdles facing other minorities in the business realm and speaks passionately about leveling the playing field, creating opportunities, and leaning into our strengths.

  • Hurdles women of color face in entrepreneurship

  • How to find funding, mentorship and support

  • The need for diversity and inclusivity


Feeling better about finances.

We all have a difficult relationship with money, especially young entrepreneurs from under-resourced backgrounds trying to make their place in the world. Learn how Nicole changed her relationship with money, from a broke college student to nonprofit founder and fundraiser, nomadic living and eliminating debt, to the growth and development of her own fund.

  • Societal expectations on personal finance

  • Inequities and personal finances

  • Rewriting our money narratives

  • The practice of money-positivity

  • Healthier habits for managing finance

Elevating our capacity to change.

In a world of bitter divide and tension, it can feel difficult to find a personal path to making a difference. Nicole shares her experience going from working in tech to striving for impact in every part of her life, and inspires others to hone their inner changemaker for the transformation our planet desperately needs.

  • Intention and impact

  • The changemaker in us all

  • Communicating and advocating for change

  • Measuring our impact and minimizing harm

  • Sparking changemaking in others



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